Oscar Seinen


Artiestennaam: Oscar Seinen
Echte naam: Oscar Seinen
Woonplaats: Hoorn
Stijl: Techno - Techhouse - Minimal
Territorium: Worldwide


Oscar Seinen born 11th of January 1982 in Hoorn, The Netherlands.
He started on a young age in the mid '90s playing on vinyls with Techno music. Always searched for the great vinyl stores to get that special track. 
In a short time the first gig's are planned and he started to play on events here in Holland.

Few years later he started with his own events in region of Amsterdam.
Halfway of '00s he upgraded his gear with some extra digital sounds and loops, today productions are needed to get that special act.
The last years he played at events and festivals like #DanceSquare #Magneet #ADE #Woodlands #AndereKoek and also a resident of Play Events / L00S / NACHTAMBACHT and already had gigs with Bart Skils / Lucien Foort / Estroe  Jerome / Shinedoe / Rob Hes / Gabriela Penn / Jaap Lighthart and many more on smaller and bigger events that has more than 20.000 visitors.
Right now he's in a studio making that extra sound for his next gig, and will releasing his own productions and remixes soon.